One of mine clients cannot login lớn Facebook using Firefox browser. In fact when attempting to lớn login to his Facebook account he receive sầu an alert message says that "Your Computer Needs To Be Cleaned". After following the suggested steps to download and clean its computer with ESET Online Scanner, the same message appears again and the user still cannot login lớn his Facebook account.

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The alert message "Your Computer Needs To Be Cleaned", is displayed because Facebook has implement a malware checkpoint to lớn it"s platform in order khổng lồ prevent malicious activity to your FB account. So if you want khổng lồ bypass this alert message you have sầu to follow the suggested steps and clean your computer using ESET Online Scanner.

But in some cases the ESET Online Scanner, doesn"t run (open) using Firefox browser so you have khổng lồ use Internet Explorer in order to lớn run ESET Online Scanner without problems. After scanning/cleaning, if you still receive the "Your Computer Needs To Be Cleaned" alert message using Firefox or another browser (e.g. Chrome) you have to empty your browser history in order lớn login to your FB trương mục again.

In this article you will find detailed instructions on how to bypass the "Your Computer Needs To Be Cleaned" warning message while attempting to lớn login to Facebook.

How lớn resolve: Unable to lớn login to Facebook using Firefox or Chrome browser – "Computer Needs To Be Cleaned" problem.

Step 1. Download và run ESET Online Scanner using Internet Explorer.

1. mở cửa Internet Explorer at ESET"s Online Scanner webpage.

2. Accept the terms of use & click Start.


3. Clichồng Install at the pop-up message.


4. Cliông chồng Yes at UAC warning message.


5. Select Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications & cliông chồng Start.


6. Now wait until ESET Online scanner application tải về the lathử nghiệm vi khuẩn signature database & scan your computer for malicious threats.


7. When the scan is completed, Đánh Giá the results and cthua trận the program.


8. After making sure that your computer is clean try khổng lồ login khổng lồ your FB tài khoản again. If you still receive the same alert message ("Your Computer Needs To Be Cleaned"), then proceed to lớn step 2 & clean you Internet browser"s history.

Step 2. Clean Internet browser"s history.

How to clean history in Google Chrome.

1. Cliông chồng on Chrome’s thực đơn

icon at the upper right corner) and choose History.

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2. Click the Clear browsing data button.


3. At Clear browsing data window select: the beginning of time và then select all checkboxes below. When done, press the Clear browsing data button.


4. Cthua thảm all open windows & restart Chrome.

5. Try lớn login to lớn your FB account now.

How lớn clean history in Mozilla Firefox.

1. From Firefox’s menu choose History.


2. Click Clear Recent History.


3. At Clear All History window select: Time range to lớn clear: Everything và then select all checkboxes below. When done, press the Clear Now button.


4. Cchiến bại all open windows và restart Firefox.

5. Try lớn login to lớn your FB trương mục now.

How lớn clean history in Internet Explorer.

1. Cliông xã the gear inhỏ

at the top right corner và choose Internet Options.


2. At General tab, under Browsing History section, clichồng Delete.


3. At Delete Browsing History window, select all checkboxes & click Delete.


4. Cthua kém all open windows & restart IE

5. Try to login to lớn your FB tài khoản now.

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