You need permission to perform this action: solved

I"m logged in as an Administrator on Windows 7. When I try to lớn delete a thư mục (which shows Security settings indicating that Administrators have sầu FULL access) I get a message that :

You require permission from SYSTEM lớn make changes to this tệp tin.

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I don"t have sầu any other user accounts on this computer.

What"s up with this?


I figured it out:

The file is owned by SYSTEM (system service)

You have sầu to change the ownership via comm& line: takeown /f (this is from How To Geek which then recommends using the CACLS commvà but that"s been deprecated & it"s easier to bởi vì it via the Security interface)

Right cliông xã the tệp tin and choose Properties> Security tab> choose Administrators (if you are one) then mix the Edit Permissions, setting it to lớn FULL.

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It was my company"s anti-vi khuẩn software not allowing the tải về. It would tải về the file, then say:

You require permissions from DOMAINUSER to make changes to this file

Even though I am a domain name admin. I disabled my anti-virus (in this case VIPRE) & it worked. Downloaded the file just fine. VIPRE thought FileZilla was a "known bad" in its application rating, and it was blocking the tải về.



In my case I was trying to lớn delete a folder from a network nội dung which was write-protected.

Because the PCs had similar names I didn"t realize that I was working on the remote folder instead of the local thư mục.

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Solution: simply delete the correct (local) thư mục.

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