Viên đá bí ẩn

After meeting an untimely demise in separate incidents, Cha Min & Go Se-yeon discover they’ve come baông xã khổng lồ life in new bodies they don’t recognize.

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After getting alarming news from his fiancée, Cha Min has a mishap & receives an object called Abyss. Go Se-yeon meets someone who says he’s a friover.


Min explains what he did khổng lồ Se-yeon, who’s in disbelief over her circumstances. Vowing to find her killer, she devises a way khổng lồ help Min and herself.


Se-yeon and Min are stunned by what Park Gi-man has been doing, & they unwittingly get help from a police detective sầu -- who thinks she’s someone else.

Convinced that he’s seen his ex-fiancée, Min is frantic to lớn talk to her, but Se-yeon tries khổng lồ remind hlặng that he’s not the same person anymore.

After making a horrific discovery, Se-yeon considers using Abyss, và tries to persuade Park Dong-cheol to keep investigating the prosecutor’s murder.

Park Dong-cheol tries lớn hunt down Oh Yeong-cheol, who keeps eluding the police. Min’s mother doesn’t know what lớn make of the changes in her son.

Se-yeon finds herself seeing Min in a different light after realizing he’s always been by her side. Jang Hui-jin reveals something shocking khổng lồ Min.

Park Dong-cheol demands lớn know why Se-yeon keeps interfering with the case, và someone claiming to be Lee Mi-vày suddenly appears out of nowhere.

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Se-yeon tries to explain her actions to Min and has an emotional reunion with her mother. Hui-jin refuses lớn baông chồng down when confronted by Min’s mother.

Se-yeon senses that she may be in danger. Min shares a secret about his father. Hui-jin’s mother gets agitated after seeing someone on TV.

After Park Dong-cheol alerts hlặng about Oh Yeong-cheol, Min goes looking for Se-yeon. Lee Mi-do’s parents get a perplexing proposal from Min’s mother.

Se-yeon senses something unnerving about Seo Ji-uk. Hui-jin gets an unexpected visitor & has an idea about what Oh Yeong-cheol may be planning khổng lồ do.

While trying to help Park Gi-man with the hit-and-run case, Se-yeon và Min uncover something odd. Seo Ji-uk is visited by someone from his past.

Seo Ji-uk implements his plan. On his way to meet Se-yeon, Min receives a disturbing điện thoại tư vấn from Park Dong-cheol & grapples with a difficult decision.

Min & Se-yeon mix out to obtain evidence against Seo Ji-uk with Park Dong-cheol’s help. Min’s mother questions Se-yeon about her intentions.

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After proposing to Min, Se-yeon copes with the consequences of his sacrifice & reveals the truth to her parents. Seo Ji-uk’s trial gets underway.

Park Bo-youngAhn Hyo-seopLee Sung-jaeLee Si-eonHan So-heeKwon Soo-hyunKyên Sa-rangAhn Se-haYun Yoo-sun

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