If one computer in the furthest reaches of your trang chính has trouble seeing your Wi-Fi network, you don't have to drop hundreds on a mesh networking system. For as little as $15, a USB Wi-Fi antenna is a much more affordable alternative sầu.

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Due lớn pandemic restrictions that keep me stuông xã at home—which is why I need one of these adapters in the first place—this isn"t real lab testing on a clean and measured connection. We tested against a 400Mbps symmetrical Verizon Fquả táo fiber connection using a Verizon FIOS G1100, AC1750 router. Ideally, we"d want to use a gigabit source và a Wi-Fi 6 router. We tested each device using a 2018 Huawei Matebook X Pro máy vi tính with its own internal Hãng Intel AC8265 802.11ac adapter, which appears from the spec sheet to support AC1300.

In our household of two adults & a teen, someone"s almost always streaming something. So rather than raw speeds, which really vary throughout the day, I focused on signal strength và the tốc độ loss when the máy vi tính was quickly moved from location khổng lồ location.

I couldn"t find an adapter that supports Wi-Fi 6, but they all tư vấn Wi-Fi 5, or 802.11ac. Your máy vi tính probably supports 802.11ac—most laptops released since 2013 do—but if it doesn"t, that"s another reason to get an adapter. 802.11ac is a massive sầu improvement over the previous 802.11n và can give you a boost even without counting the benefits of the bigger antenna.

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In terms of pure signal improvement, the more expensive adapters with better specs definitely performed better. This chart shows how each adapter affected pure 5GHz signal strength on my máy vi tính, averaged over the four locations I was testing in. It only includes five sầu of the six adapters because the Blueshadow adapter began making disturbing noises during testing, so I stopped using it rather than risk harm to lớn my computer. What data I did get from it was similar to the BrosTrkết thúc antenna"s performance.

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Of course, what you mostly care about is the data tải về speed you"ll get in places where you were previously having Wi-Fi trouble. In my tests, those two locations were in my office (bad speeds) và by the elevator (really bad speeds). The chart below shows how each adapter affected speeds in those two locations, relative lớn the speeds I got right by the router. The Y-axis is flipped, so a higher point shows better performance and less tốc độ lost.

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