The formula you typed contains an error

When you enter formulas on Excel you will sometimes get an Excel error "The formula you typed contains an error". So how khổng lồ fix this error on Excel?

While entering a calculation formula on Excel you will sometimes encounter some errors that lead to lớn the inability to complete the formula, for example with an Excel error "The formula you typed contains an error". Although we have sầu revised the function lớn the correct formula, we still report the above sầu error. So how to fix this error on Excel when importing formulas?

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Instructions for fixing formula errors in Excel

Excel formula error "The formula you typed contains an error" will have the nội dung as shown below. The example below is the RANK formula that ranks but reports an error.Quý Khách vẫn xem: “the formula you typed contains an error


Then Excel will ask you to lớn fix the error by:

For more information about the recipe, clichồng Help.For help entering a function, clichồng Function Winzard (Formulas tab, Funtion Library group).If you vị not try khổng lồ enter a formula, avoid using an equal sign (=) or minus sign (-), or before it with an apostrophe (").

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When you click OK, Excel will indicate the wrong place to lớn correct it. But the problem here is that you edited it but still reported the error. So where is this formula error on Excel? There will be 2 ways to lớn edit.


Method 1: Change the sign in the formula

In the entry, the formula = RANK (C2, $ C $ 2: $ C $ 7.0).

This is a completely standard formula, but it still fails because of unsigned conversion. & mark, should allow this error lớn occur. The temporary plan is to change the seal, seal; in the formula.

The formula when changing the sign will be = RANK (C2; $ C $ 2: $ C $ 7; 0) . The data area has been selected correctly. Finally press Enter lớn finish.

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Method 2: How lớn change a semicolon in Excel

Step 1:

We open Control Panel on the computer và find the Cloông chồng, Language, và Region section to choose Change date time or number format .


With Win XP, go lớn the Start button and select Control Panel, cliông xã on the Regional & language Options & select Customize.

With Windows 7 , go khổng lồ Control Panel & select Clock, Language, & Region, click Change the date, time, or number format.

Step 3:

Switch lớn the Customize Format interface, adjust the following:

Decimal symbol: By mặc định, the sign is now changed lớn a sign. okDigit grouping symbol: Default is the sign. và you move sầu khổng lồ the sign, okay.

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So you have sầu a way to lớn fix the formula The formula you typed contains an error on Excel. Please check the sign, in the formula and replace it with a; for the recipe. In case you bởi vì not want khổng lồ change the sign in the system & edit in Control Panel, use the method of 1 to fix the mark.

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I wish you all success!