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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Description

Of course, the highlight of the game is also very obvious, compared with the previous few years, "The Amazing Spider-Man" has greatly improved, both unique and performance have sầu greatly improved. For example: Spit gossamer lets the player feel it is really glued to the building.

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In the new "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" game, players are more likely khổng lồ experience the realism in the game, you can swing in the sky, you can also crawl on the wall, the game quite well handled; game players Can even hear the car horn sound, gaming experience quite exciting.

Into the game, a closer look at the screen, not just the Spider-Man clothes lines, the building walls of the reflective sầu, even the Spider-Man blindfold above the reflective are made out. The voice of the entire process plus a large number of process animation Dean deeply felt sincerity.

The screen has been basically impeccable, we can see from the picture, compared to the previous case, our perspective farther, far more attractive sầu mapping. Before the move sầu because too fast to move sầu the memory reflects the mosaic phenomenon has been the perfect solution. In addition to lớn the number of frames in some fine screen is still not igiảm giá (which is also limited by the performance). This picture chất lượng, even on the PC side is also completely take shots.

Continuation of the work, the extraordinary Spider-Man 2 is also a sandbox game, high degree of freedom. In addition khổng lồ the mainline story, we can swing around Thủ đô New York City looking for citizens in need of help and defeating evil criminals.

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So baông xã to the main story, for this we need khổng lồ solve sầu out of the six famous villain comic Superman comic. In addition to lớn the preface of the teaching cấp độ, the game has a total of six chapters, và the figure is the first chapter of the BOSS - xanh blood, oh no electro-optic people.

Operation above sầu, non-combat state, in addition to virtual rocker adjustment direction there is only one button lớn jump, long press the jump button is fired spider silk in the air waves. This operation still requires some practice skill to get started, because it is not a straight-line flight, novice in the air easily lost & hit the building. However, for the automatic adjustment of the above sầu perspective to bởi vì very good, just play a half an hour, I believe sầu we can proficient. More than this, this for Spider-Man action in the vertical wall will automatically convert the appropriate perspective sầu, make the operation easier. In the air when the action and its coordination, completely restored the original movie action. But since it is in the wounded citizens lớn the hospital, we are awkward to lớn go is not it (as shown above)?

Fight combat và refreshing aspects of the law-abiding, we can not ask a just hero of the fist down the blood full of it. Our basic skills a total of three: boxing, spider silk bundle PLAY, defensive sầu counterattachồng. I must mention that the skills of this bundle of spider silk tốc độ very fast, Spider-Man"s hvà speed enough to lớn make Kato lớn Hawk ashamed. In the thực đơn interface can also spider points khổng lồ tăng cấp or learn new skills.

Of course, combat operations on điện thoại devices can not meet the needs of many high-play. But a lot of QTE system in the game is to make the battle more rich & interesting. After the enemy in the air automatically loông chồng the fly and pull into lớn the emergence of all kinds of sliding in the BOSS battle khổng lồ avoid mad point attachồng. The game even used a similar OSU game to test the player"s reaction tốc độ. In general, even strokes are smoother than doing work, fighting styles are more varied và interesting.

If everyone is tired of this small sandbox named New York City, we can also try other modes, but also get rich rewards. In the aremãng cầu we need lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with a wave of enemies, until death, you can use the props, và scores will be uploaded on the Internet, this may be the only stand-alone network reasons for this game.

We can change Spider-Man in the store. These clothes will give sầu us combat enhancement, the other we can also buy some costumes and props through the game currency, props will give us some blood baông xã to lớn enhance the ability to revive sầu the effect.

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Overall speaking, the overall style of the game is loyal to the thiết kế of comic books. The fighting system is very rich and the sense of combat is very refreshing. As the most feature-không lấy phí "không tính phí exploration" system, players can enjoy the thrill of Spider-Man. And it"s pretty much the taste of the game as an appetizer lớn start the movie.