Let’s find out how to add “open commvà window here” in the Windows 10 file explorer context menu. The ability khổng lồ open a commvà prompt window straight from a certain thư mục in tệp tin explorer can save you not only quite a few keystrokes but also the frustration of typing errors and having khổng lồ try again. In short: it can be a huge timesaver. But where has it gone?

Previously, there used lớn be an option khổng lồ open a command window directly in a specific folder in tệp tin explorer ...

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No option khổng lồ open commvà window here (option to lớn open powershell window instead)
In this article I will demonstrate how khổng lồ get it baông xã, plus I will show you another quiông chồng tip that can save you the agony of having to cd through a ton of levels of folders.In fact, let’s start with that quiông xã tip first, because the part of getting back the “open commvà window here” involves quite a bit of registry fumbling while the quiông xã tip might be just what you need.

Quick Tip lớn Open Commvà Window Here

If you are looking at a certain thư mục in file explorer after having clicked a bunch of directories while navigating to lớn the one you need, you might want to lớn have sầu an option to lớn open a comm& window that would immediately place you in that particular directory. For instance, let’s take a look at the image below, where I drilled down khổng lồ the folderC:UsersErikAppDataLocalGoogleChrome Cleanup ToolSuppose I wanted to open a command window here, then I could simply click in the address bar of tệp tin explorer and type cmd …

And that might be just easy enough for you to lớn be able khổng lồ open a command window in a folder from your file explorer.Oh, & before I forget, there is another
quiông chồng tip that you can try to lớn access the open command window here.If you are looking at any directory in tệp tin explorer, you can also SHIFT + right click the thư mục và then you will also have the option to lớn open command window here.

And another tip you might lượt thích is this next one. You might have noticed that you can right-cliông chồng any thư mục in a tệp tin explorer window và that there is an option lớn “open powershell window here”. In some cases a powershell window might vì for you, but sometimes you might want lớn use commands that do not work in a powershell window (and do work in a commvà window).
You can replace the “open powershell window here” with “open comm& window here” by following these next steps.First, clichồng the Windows start button in the bottom left corner và select settings.
And then deselect the option lớn “Replace command prompt with Windows powershell in the thực đơn when I right-cliông chồng the start button or press Windows key + x”.
If you set this option to lớn the “off” position, you will also get an open command window here when you right clichồng a thư mục in tệp tin explorer.You can also add the option to lớn open comm& window here by making a few changes in the Windows registry. If you’re interested in that, please read on.

How to lớn Add Open Command Window Here khổng lồ File Explorer Menu

mở cửa the Windows registry editor. You can vì chưng this by pressing the Windows hình ảnh key + r
on your keyboard.
The Windows 10 registry editor will now open up. Navigate toComputerHKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshellcmd
Registry editor will now open the permissions dialog box for the cmd subkey. In this screen, cliông chồng on the advanced button.
Now the advanced security settings for cmd window will open. At the top of the window, look for the “owner” of the thành quả & cliông xã on change.

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Now type your username in the box where you can enter object names & then cliông xã the button that says “kiểm tra names”.
Now your username should appear underlined
(preceded with the name of your computer), which indicates that you now have the correct entry for the object name. Clichồng the ok button lớn proceed.
You’ll lvà baông xã in the advanced security settings for cmd and you’ll notice that your username is now displayed in the owner section of the screen.
Now you’ll arrive once again in the permissions for cmd box. Select the administrators group & make sure lớn select the kiểm tra box next to “Full control”. Then click ok.
Baông xã in the registry editor window, right click the HideBasedOnVelocityId sản phẩm & select rename from the thực đơn.
With this you will have sầu the option to lớn open commvà window here again in your file explorer context thực đơn.
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