Intel extreme tuning utility xtu 7® Extreme Tuning Utility (® XTU) is a simple Windows* performance tuning application for novice and experienced enthusiasts lớn overclock, monitor, and găng a system. The software interface has a set of strong capabilities, comtháng in most enthusiast platforms. This interface also has special features available on new® processors and motherboards.

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Download the®Extreme Tuning Utility.

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How vì chưng I know if my processor is supported by® XTU?How can I get Hãng sản xuất Extreme Tuning Utility to lớn launch? Press on theWindowskey
on your keyboard and start® Extreme Tuning Utility under Apps.Is there any help document on how lớn use the® Extreme Tuning Utility?

When you launch the® XTU,click the Help tab located in the upper-rightcorner of the application lớn view the help document on how to use this utility.


Why vì chưng I not see any controls when I launch the software?Once installation is complete, make sure the system is rebooted. If the issue still occurs, kiểm tra the Device Manager for the following drivers:Iocbios2 installed under Hidden devicesACPI BIOS Control Driver under System devicesIf thesuggestions bởi not resolve theissue, report it. Include a log file from Extreme Tuning UtilityLogs.

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Why am I missing tuning controls on my system?Hãng sản xuất Extreme Tuning Utility displays various controls và provides access lớn features based on the system's motherboard and processor configurations. Not all processors provide real-time tư vấn for all controls. Motherboard manufacturers can restrict access khổng lồ various controls that prevent the user from overclocking those settings.How bởi I completely uninstall Hãng Extreme Tuning Utility?

Follow the instructionshere khổng lồ uninstall® XTU.

Why doesn’t® XTU start up after I installed it in my system?® XTU only supports unlocked processors. These are K SKUs or Core-X processors. Installing® XTU on a locked processorsystem may encounter unexpected issues.If this is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) system, please check OEM BIOS settings, as some OEMs are using their own overclocking tools and may have sầu compatibility issue with® XTU.Always remove sầu old versions of® XTU và delete all® XTU folders before upgrade to lớn lademo® XTU version. Make sure the OS version is supported by lathử nghiệm® XTU.I have Hãng Extreme tuning utility installed in my máy vi tính but why I am unable lớn overclochồng the processor?

Some versions of® Extreme Tuning Utility can be installed in laptops and these versions will not work for overclocking purpose. This is because overclocking with® Extreme Tuning Utility work for processors with K or X number only.

When the tool is installed in your máy tính xách tay with unsupported processor, the user can view system information parameters such as processor information và motherboard and BIOS info. However, using the tool to change parameters in your máy tính xách tay such as core voltage can result in inconclusive sầu và unreliable behavior due to unsupported processor.

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If I installed the tool correctly on my system, why I am unable to lớn overclochồng the processor? Even if the tool is installed correctly on your system, the tool will support only processors with K or X numbers. Refer lớn the supported processors in the download liên kết.Who vì I liên hệ for tư vấn for Hãng Extreme Tuning Utility? You can tương tác Hãng Support, and you can also access our forumat Hãng Support Community.

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