Pokémon go gps signal not found 11 issue?

Pokémon Go is everywhere, & that"s great for Android gamers around the world. But if you"re getting a "GPS signal not found" error when you launch the game, here"s how lớn fix it!

How lớn enable GPS on a Samsung phone

Many Android phones come with their GPS radios turned off by default in order to save battery life, since the công nghệ is very battery-intensive sầu. Here"s how lớn turn it on on your Samsung device.

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Swipe down on your trang chính screen lớn reveal the notification shade.Tap the settings button. It"s the gear icon.Tap Connections.

Tap Location.


Tap the switch to lớn turn location on.Tap Locating method.

Tap High accuracy. This will allow GPS, Wi-Fi, và sản phẩm điện thoại connections lớn better pinpoint your location. You could also tap Phone only, but this will only use GPS to pinpoint your location, making it less accurate.


How to improve location scanning on other Android phones

Launch the Settings app from your trang chủ screen or tiện ích drawer.Tap Security & location.Tap Location.Tap the switch next lớn Use location.

Tap Scanning.


Tap the switches to lớn enable Wi-Fi scanning và Công nghệ Bluetooth scanning.Tap the back button on the top left of your screen.Tap App-màn chơi permissions.

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Tap the switch next lớn Pokétháng GO if it"s not already on (xanh is on).


Pokémon Go uses both local Wi-Fi (also known as Assistive sầu GPS), your closest điện thoại network tower, and GPS satellites to lớn accurately place you in the game world. Turning on just Wi-Fi and di động network-based location tracking will make your character jump around and less likely lớn be placed cthảm bại lớn Pokétháng.

Still getting an error even with GPS enabled?

GPS satellites are finicky things. While the radquả táo inside Android phones have improved significantly over the last few years, they"re still not perfect, & may sometimes have sầu trouble locating you, especially indoors.

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If you"re still getting GPS errors even after turning everything on, take a step outside & hold your phone steady for around 30 seconds. That should allow the GPS satellites to lớn lochồng onto lớn your phone và get things bachồng khổng lồ normal.

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Can you still play the game without GPS?

Yes! If you don"t have sầu a phone with GPS, or are using a Wi-Fi tablet that doesn"t have sầu a GPS radio, it"s still possible to lớn play Pokémon Go. Unfortunately, the experience won"t be as good, since you"ll need khổng lồ be in areas that have sầu svào Wi-Fi signals, such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or other businesses, that you can connect to.

Since Pokétháng Go relies on having an mạng internet connection, it will be able khổng lồ locate you with just a Wi-Fi signal — just don"t expect lớn compete on the same cấp độ as your Android phone-wielding friends.

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Getting a driving warning when you"re not actually driving?

That"s a GPS problem! It"s called GPS drift và it is usually caused when your phone can"t latch onlớn a strong GPS signal while indoors. The quiông xã fix is lớn turn on Wi-Fi, or khổng lồ get cđại bại to a window, which will make it easier for a satellite lớn lock onkhổng lồ your GPS location.

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Update khổng lồ the lachạy thử version

Are you getting a lot of GPS errors even after following all the steps above? Update khổng lồ the lakiểm tra version from the Play Store!