How do i fix lag of gta5 on laptop?

Are you encountering lag while playing GTA 5? Got fed up due khổng lồ GTA 5 Lag while playing online then don’t worry because we had listed some most useful ways which can help you lớn fix GTA 5 lag.

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GTA 5 is an extremely popular game developed by the Rockstar franchise till yet. Graphics và Physics Motion in GTA 5 is incredible due khổng lồ which it creates a load on GPU and CPU to lớn process more resources.

Many players use low-end PC or máy vi tính due khổng lồ which they face lag while playing GTA 5. But you can easily fix lag & stutters in GTA 5 by following our guide.

Part 3 Graphics Settings

That’s all with Graphics settings. Now let’s see the advanced optimal settings which you must mix in the advanced graphics settings of GTA 5 game.

Long Shadows: OffHigh-Resolution Shadows: OffHigh Detail Streaming While Flying: OffExtended Detail Scaling: OffExtended Shadows Distance: OffFrame Scaling Mode: Off

That’s all with advance graphics settings. You can also turn off the Screen Kill EffectsFirst Person Ragdoll in Display và Camera settings respectively.

In case after applying the graphics and advance graphics settings your game still lag then you can try more Lower settings than the above-defined settings.

But I recommend you to mix it to the above define one because lowering more the graphics settings will ruin your GTA 5 gaming experience.

5. Updating your Graphics Card Drivers lớn Fix Lag in GTA 5

Graphics thẻ plays a huge role when we play games on PC. If your pc has a low-over graphics thẻ then I recommkết thúc you to change it at least with GTX 660 because it the minimum card requirement to run GTA 5.

However, if you have sầu a better graphics thẻ và still your game is lagging then it might be occurring due to lớn outdated graphics card drivers. Just update your thẻ driver.

You can vị it manually by going in your device manage và then right-cliông chồng on your graphic card driver và clichồng on “Update”.

Else you can use Driver Booster Pro which is không tính tiền to download on Windows as well as on Mac. Advance Driver Booster helps to update all our outdated drivers by just 1-cliông chồng feature.

It has a real-time collection of drivers database which continuously get updated whenever a new driver version gets launched by the developers.

So you don’t have sầu lớn worry about all the drivers và can just update them all using a single clichồng on “Update all” button.

6. Steam Launch Optimization

This optimization section guide only works if you are playing GTA 5 game by using Steam. Steam have different launch commands which you can try to lớn reduce lag in any games like GTA 5, etc.

Do note that the below method will not work if you are launching GTA V from Epic Games or from Rockstar Games. It only works in case of Steam.

To set the GTA 5 launch options in Steam, follow the below steps:

mở cửa the Steam and Right-click on the GTA 5 icon in game library.Cliông xã on the Properties & under General tab click on Set Launch Options.You will need khổng lồ enter the below commands và cliông xã on OK to save the launch options.Restart the Steam & GTA 5 game to see better fps và performance.

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GTA 5 Steam Launch Commands for Low-End PC:

-fxaa 0 -tessellation 0 -shadowQuality 0 -textureQuality 0 -anisotropicQualityLevel 0 -grassQuality 0 -postFX 0 -particleQuality 0 -lodScale 0.0 -shadowSoftness -multiSample 1 -noInGameDOF -noquattranssize linear -pedLodBias 0 -reflectionQuality 0 -SSAO 0 -waterQuality 0 -vehicleLodBias 0The above sầu commvà will vì mostly the same settings which you have sầu applied in the best optimal settings section but you can try it to ensure you get more FPS and better performance in GTA 5.

Apart from setting the launch options, you can try setting the high priority for GTA 5, GTA 5 launcher and PlayGTAV from your Task Manager lớn ensure the game can utilize more resources.

Just note you will have khổng lồ mix the priority in Task Manager every time you run the game or you can create a .bat script & run it every time to lớn open the game with high priority.

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7. Disable your Antivirus

Antivirut software consumes lots of memory resources và CPU utilization even in the background too. I highly recommkết thúc you lớn at least stop your antivirus software when you are going to lớn play GTA 5.

As both applications (GTA 5 & Antivirut software) requires lots of resources & utilization, you may see lag while playing the game.

Even the Windows Defender Security consumes lots of resources in background which is used for real-time protection. You can see it in below image the percentage of resources consumed by Windows Defender.

Just disable your antivirut until you are playing the GTA 5 và enable it again after you finish your gaming.

To disable your antivirus, just go khổng lồ the antivirut dashboard and tìm kiếm for any feature regarding Stopping it for some time.

Every antivirus has a different layout and procedure to stop it running for some time. You can search on Google regarding your antivirus company about how khổng lồ stop it for some time.

In case of Windows Defender, go khổng lồ “Virus and Threat Protection” settings & turn off the “Real-Time Protection” và save sầu it.

8. Use Kill Ping to lớn Reduce trò chơi Ping

If you are facing ping issues while playing GTA 5 online then it might be causing due to poor network connectivity. Just restart your router and then try again playing it.

If still, the problem occurs then you can use Kill Ping service which helps to lớn reduce ping in many online games.

Kill Ping have sầu different servers which help khổng lồ maintain a good route when sending data packets from their server khổng lồ game servers.

Below are some of the location where Kill Ping have sầu their server located:-

You must definitely try Kill Ping lớn reduce ping & boost your game performance when playing online games like GTA 5, etc. It only charges 1.66$ per month with 15 days money-baông xã guarantee.

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In case you vì chưng not understvà anything then you can watch the below đoạn phim which shows step by steps about how khổng lồ fix lag in GTA 5 for some methods.

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