Fix: err_spdy_protocol_error in google chrome

Google Chrome has had several bugs reported, and one of them, the err_spdy_protocol_error message, relates to being unable to lớn access a webpage. You will see the message This webpage is not available along with the err_spdy_protocol_error message. There are several reasons for this error occurring, and therefore also several ways khổng lồ overcome it. Here are seven methods you can use, at least one of which is likely khổng lồ resolve the problem.

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Note: You can also check our guide on fixes lớn solve the err_connection_rephối error which is a network related error caused by any unexpected changes in your network settings or a problematic website VPS.


Table of Contents1. What is ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR?2. Cđại bại & Restart Your Browser3. Is Your Chrome Version the Latest?4. You May Have sầu an SPDY Sockets Issue5. Clear Your History and Cache6. Flush DNS và Renew Your IP. Address7. Run Chrome Cleanup Tool8. Go Incognito


Let us first understvà where you might encounter this error. This error is related to the Google Chrome browser. If you are using any different website browser like Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge then you will not get this error. Not all websites are affected by this error. Only those related to lớn Google – YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and other will be affected. Some users have sầu also reported that this error has also affected other non-Google websites. The SPDY (stands for Speedy) is Chrome’s protocol designed security of the website pages and lớn enhance the loading tốc độ of the page. But the error occurs because Google has stooped its support khổng lồ SPDY protocol.

Method 1: Cđại bại & Restart Your Browser

When you first come across the err_spdy_protocol_error the quickest way khổng lồ fix it is simply khổng lồ cthua the Chrome browser và reboot it. If this works then great – it may just have sầu saved you a great khuyến mãi of time và money. Doing this often solves this issue – and if it doesn’t work, then you have only lost a few minutes.

Method 2: Is Your Chrome Version the Latest?

After that, and before anything else, make sure that you are running the lathử nghiệm version of Chrome. Like any other browser, Chrome is subject to lớn updates as công nghệ and the mạng internet developed. Look to lớn the upper right corner in Chrome & you should see three dots. Click on them, select ‘Help‘ > ‘About Google Chrome‘.
Google Chrome Lachạy thử Version
If not, then you will see an Update button. Cliông chồng on that, and your version of Google Chrome will be updated to the lademo version. Try it again and you may find your error message no longer appears. Is it does, then you will need to apply the appropriate chrome err_spdy_protocol_error fix.

Method 3: You May Have sầu an SPDY Sockets Issue

If this fails, then a comtháng reason for the err_spdy_protocol_error is related lớn SPDY sockets. SPDY evolved from HTTP as a means of speeding up the performance of website pages. The issue can sometimes be resolved by flushing the sockets. To vì this –mở cửa Google Chrome & go to: chrome://net-internals/#socketsYou will be given clickable options – Cliông xã on ‘Flush socket pools’ – this will flush the SPDY sockets:SPDY Sockets IssueRestart Chrome. If the problem has been solved, then good. If not, then you have to lớn go on to the next step.

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Method 4: Clear Your History and Cache

Your browsing history is a file of all the web pages/URLs you have sầu visited while your cabít holds the pages, images, graphics và so on that you accessed. Clear all this, & you could find that your Chrome err_spdy_protocol_error has been resolved. To bởi this:

When in Chrome, press Ctrl + H- This opens your browsing history.Now Cliông chồng on Clear browsing history. You will find this on the left-hvà panel:
Clear Browsing History
Clear Browsing Data Chrome
Click on “the beginning of time” & the top 5 options shown ticked above. These areDownload historyCookies and other sire và plugin dataCached images và filesPasswordsAutofill form dataLeave sầu the bottom two unchecked.
Then click on Clear browsing data then wait until the process has completed.Finally, shut down Chrome và restart your PC. Cheông xã that error message has gone.

Method 5: Flush DNS & Renew Your IPhường Address

Find the Windows image on your taskbar. Right cliông chồng on this & you will see a menu of options. Click on “Command Prompt (Admin)”. You will now be able to insert commands. The commands you enter are below. Make sure you press Enter after each command:C:WINDOWSsystem32>ipconfig /releaseC:WINDOWSsystem32>ipconfig /flushdnsC:WINDOWSsystem32>ipconfig /renewHaving done this, again open “Comm& Prompt (Admin)” as before then type the following text, hitting Enter after each one:ipconfig /flushdnsnbtstat –rnetsh int ip resetnetsh winsochồng resetSo you have, for example:
ipconfig/flushdns Command
nbtstat Command
Now reboot to make the changes. This often appears khổng lồ fix the err_spdy_protocol_error.

Method 6: Run Chrome Cleanup Tool

There is an official Google Chrome cleanup tool that can help you fix a number of issues with Chrome. It can be used to scan và remove sầu software you don’t think is useful – & other issues. Simply cliông chồng on the link above và run it as recommended. You may want lớn run this earlier, but if you bởi vì you might remove sầu some software you want lớn keep (you can always tải về it again later of course!) Having run it, kiểm tra that that the chrome err_spdy_protocol_error has been fixed.

Method 7: Go Incognito

If you are experiencing the err_spdy_protocol_error for specific sites only, such as Reddit, then it might be that these sites are excluding you. Test this by using the Incognikhổng lồ mode khổng lồ access them. To vì this, go to lớn the Chrome Menu -> New incognilớn window or failing that simply use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N. This err_spdy_protocol_error fix certainly works for some people. It should also work for social sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, and others.

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The above sầu seven ways to fix an err_spdy_protocol_error are easy to lớn use if you come across this error message when using the Chrome tìm kiếm engine. All you need to know is how lớn access the relevant folders on your computer or máy tính. You don’t need lớn understand the giải pháp công nghệ involved – simply follow the instructions and one of these fixes should work for you. The err_spdy_protocol_error message is fairly common, và the above methods of fixing it have all been used successfully depending on the reason for the error.