Bitdefender total security 2017 key + crack activation code

This guide will help you khổng lồ Install và activate Bitdefender 2022 Product line in case you have sầu purchased a license key for the same or just want khổng lồ use the trial version.

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Note: Bitdefender has officially removed the version number from the name. Hence, vị not confuse if you see only the product name on the official trang web. Hence for reference, we will call it the 2022 release.


Once the desktop application is installed, go lớn the system tray Bitdefender ibé & right-clichồng on it. On the thực đơn, select "About". Cheông xã the Build number. The lademo version release is Build 26.


If you are already using Bitdefender 2021 version và want to lớn upgrade, there are two ways in which you can upgrade:Bitdefender automatically upgrades you to the 2022 version, i.e., Build 26. In this case, you will not have sầu lớn vì chưng anything. Bitdefender will perkhung the nâng cấp like a regular update và ask you lớn reboot your PC.In case you did not receive the automatic upgrade, you can manually vì it.Visit your Bitdefender Central trương mục và make a fresh installation.

That"s it. The new installation process will be for the lachạy thử version. Also, you can verify the same by checking the application build number.

Tips Before Activation (Clichồng lớn expand)
There is no difference between Bitdefender 2022 Trial và Purchased version. The trial version is a limited time (30 Days in this case) but fully functional application.
Installation time Depends on your Internet connection speed. Web installer downloads updated data on the fly during the process. If you have a slow/unreliable connection, go for the Offline installation method.
With Bitdefender 2022 version it is mandatory to lớn use Bitdefender Central Account.
The best way khổng lồ get the installation và activation khổng lồ go smooth is by going through this guide carefully.
Never add two different licenses of the same Bitdefender 2022 hàng hóa in same Central Account, they auto merge. For instance, If you have sầu two licenses for Bitdefender Total Security 5 Devices/1 Year. Adding both of them to the same account will combine them automatically & make it a 5 Devices/2 Years subscription. Better Create a new Central Account tài khoản for same product line different licenses.
In case you have merged the same, contact Bitdefender Support team và tell them lớn rectify the issue according to lớn your needs. Best option is lớn look for the "Chat" inhỏ at the top right corner of Bitdefender Support page.

Install & Activate Bitdefender 2022 release


This section will cover all the steps needed lớn successfully install Bitdefender Products on your System. To avoid any errors during the installation, follow these steps very carefully.

If you have sầu not yet purchased a subscription and just want to try it, vì chưng read our Bitdefender Total Security 2022 review.

Things To Do Before Installation

Removing Mcafee Antivirus

If Bitdefender is unable khổng lồ install even after using Mcafee Removal, try solution below:

You should now have the "McAfee.reg" file.Double-click on the "McAfee.reg" tệp tin & select "Yes" if the User Account Control window pops-up và also "Yes" when you need khổng lồ confirm the action.

Installing Bitdefender 2022: Step-by-Step Guide


Once you have downloaded the thiết lập file on your system, run it. This cài đặt will install "Bitdefender Agent". The agent will initiate the application cài đặt tệp tin tải về from Bitdefender servers and also install it. All you need to lớn do is wait till the process is completed. The Installation process might take longer duration in your case if you have sầu a slow system or an unstable mạng internet connection.

If you have sầu multiple PCs & want khổng lồ save sầu bandwidth, you can download the Bitdefender Offline Installer.

Activating Bitdefender 2022 Subscription

If you purchased Bitdefender subscription from Bitdefender Website, it starts from the day of your purchase. Hence, use the license in your account as soon as possible in order to not thảm bại days.If you purchased from a reseller, please confirm the start date of the license in case it is not mentioned.

If you are using the trial version, upon installation from a new trương mục, Bitdefender automatically activates a 30 Days fully functional Bitdefender 2022 trial for you. We recommkết thúc you lớn fully use the trial version & have sầu the benefit of 30 Free days. Once the trial is over, login lớn your Bitdefender Central Account.

Navigate khổng lồ "My Subscriptions". In this section, you will see the option khổng lồ add your license key. Click on the "Activate a Service with code" liên kết text present at the center of the screen.
Once you have added the License, the subscription will appear in the "My Subscriptions" area.
Your desktop application logged in with same Central Account will reflect the subscription details. However, it might take some time lớn update the changes.
Installation for Antivirus Plus & Internet Security

Do you have sầu a different product Bitdefender security subscription like Internet Security or Antivirus Plus ?

After the subscription is added to lớn the Central trương mục, Bitdefender automatically changes the desktop application khổng lồ match the subscribed product in your tài khoản.

Bitdefender Internet Security Vs Total Security

How to lớn Merge & Extover validity of Bitdefender Subscriptions

You can only extover Bitdefender security subscriptions if you have sầu the exact subscription in your Bitdefender Central trương mục as the new license:

For example, you have a Bitdefender Total Security->5 Devices subscription. You can only extkết thúc it by purchasing a new Bitdefender Total Security->5 Devices license. The new license"s validity does not matter as it can be a 1 /2/3-year validity that will be added to your existing days.

In total you can extover your Central account subscription upkhổng lồ 5 Years.

Steps to Activate / Merge subscriptions:

In this example, I am using a Family Paông chồng and I will merge another Family Pack - 1 year license to the trương mục.

1. You have lớn log in lớn your Bitdefender Central trương mục. Go to lớn "My Subscriptions." Use desktop browser for this purpose as many people have sầu reported that they are not getting the merger option using their Smartphone app.

Please follow the steps as given below.

In the My Subscriptions section, clichồng on the "+ Activate with code" links.

2. The above action will pop up the Registration box. Copy the license key that you have received & paste it in the section và cliông xã on Activate.

3. On completing the above step, Bitdefender will give sầu you the following choices:

NOTE: You have to be careful here. If you add it as a new subscription, It will not merge with the existing license & be added as a separate subscription in your tài khoản.

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If you bởi not see the extover option at all, that means you cannot extkết thúc your subscription và adding the license anyhow will just add it as a new subscription. In that case, you should not proceed và report it to lớn the store you have sầu purchased the license from.

Hence, you have sầu to select the choice khổng lồ extend your validity, as shown in the image.

4. On selecting the Extend validity option, Bitdefender will show you the outcome of the merge.

That"s all. The new subscription in your account will have the added days from your new license key.

How vày I activate Bitdefender on another device?

Login to lớn your Central Account & install the application. Once Bitdefender security is installed you need lớn login khổng lồ it with Bitdefender Central account.

These steps also work in the same way for Mac and Android thiết bị di động device.

How to Install Bitdefender VPN?

There is no special method for the VPN installation.

On the Bitdefender main application, you will get the option to install the VPN. Once you clichồng to install the VPN, Bitdefender will tải về & install it for you.

Activate Bitdefender VPN Premium

You have sầu lớn activate the unlimited premium VPN separately. The process is exactly the same for the VPN activation. You have to visit the "My Subscriptions" section in Bitdefender Central account and add your license.

Incase you vì not have sầu a VPN subscription, you can check our Bitdefender VPN Premium coupon section.

How many devices does Bitdefender VPN cover?

Bitdefender VPN protects upto 10 devices only. Even if you buy Family Paông chồng which supports 15 devices, the premium VPN along with it will only tư vấn 10 devices.

How to Upgrade Bitdefender to lớn the Lachạy thử Version?

Normally the Bitdefender Application should automatically upgrade to lớn the new version when the tăng cấp is available officially.

However, in case you vì chưng not see the new version or if your application did not tăng cấp automatically, you should try the steps below:

Update the Bitdefender application manually and see if it initiates the tăng cấp process.


Installing Bitdefender 2022 version is easy. If you follow the steps carefully, there are very less chances that you will face any error.

If you face any difficulty in installing Bitdefender 2022 products, vì chưng let us know in the phản hồi section below.

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Corne" van Niekerk
February 2, 2021 at 7:51 pm

Hi , I bought 6 lisences , did everything until i need to put in the lisence key , it says ” oops that key is invalid” . used all 6 & non work , where can i see if the lisence keys are correct or maybe stolen or used by somebody toàn thân else?

John Greco
October 22, 20trăng tròn at 9:23 pm
December 4, 20trăng tròn at 8:12 pm

Where vì chưng you go check what the Product Info number is please?

Bob Zemeski
July 19, 2019 at 2:46 am

I am unable khổng lồ tải về the manual. It says “blocked plug-in.” I have no plug-ins enabled for this site. How can I get the manual otherwise?

October 26, 2018 at 1:15 pm

Does the Bitdefender 2019 Installation và Activation Guide work the same for the family pachồng version?

Pat Baron
September 22, 2018 at 4:14 am

I have sầu renewed my subscription for 5 devices…2019 Total Security. I activated it on my main máy vi tính & now want to know if I need khổng lồ vì the same on the other devices…or once the new sub. is activated is it activated on all devices?thanks

September 19, 2018 at 3:36 am

I bought the Bitdefender 2019 Total Security from Dealasious today, but I just saw that my 2018 Bitdefender subscription expires in 104 days. Will my activation key work in 104 days or does it expire sooner? thanks.

Gilles Chabot
June 16, 2018 at 6:56 pm

Hi!I bought Bitdefender Total Security 2018 on June 15th 2018. When I want khổng lồ activate it I am asked khổng lồ enter the code which I don’t have sầu.

Can you help me?

Thank you!


February đôi mươi, 2017 at 6:52 pm

How can one check how many devices were assigned to a 2 or four users Bundle subscription

Don Schneider
November 8, 2016 at 3:53 am

I signed up for Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2017 & would lượt thích to install it in early January when my bitdefender năm 2016 subscription ends. If I download it now and use the activation code will I begin the subscription period immediately or will it start after the first of the year when the 2016 subscription period ends?

Thanks, Don

October 19, năm 2016 at 2:28 am

Ticket 2016101718590003. It is about switching from a trial subscription lớn a purchased one. My devices are pointing the the trial subscription even after I uninstalled Bitdefender, deleting the devices & reinstalling. My subscriptions shows both subscriptions, trial with 8 days left and the purchased one active sầu. Contacted tư vấn but it was impossible lớn stay connected. Any help is appreciated.

Hugh Brennan
October 3, 2016 at 10:44 pm

When i uninstall my previous bitdefender will my new subscription be added lớn the days still to run?

August 21, năm nhâm thìn at 1:02 pm

Accidentally I merged two subscriptions! not it shows as a 24 month subscription.Please advice me on separating these two subscriptions.


December 25, năm ngoái at 7:00 pm


I Finally found your OFFLINE Download website page and I Downloaded the version năm 2016 Total Security version for windows 10 64 bit .derI Then DELETED any và ALL other Antivirus-Spyware softwares that were on my PC.

Then when I started to Install your 2016 software I got a POP UP Message saying that I needed to Install a Bitdefender AGENT !! ,, WHY ????

And where does it say that in any Instructions before I attempt lớn Install your 2016 Bitdefender Total Security software ??????

So I think someone needs khổng lồ Remotely help me INSTALL this năm 2016 software ,,, PLEASE !! & for FREE ! OK ?

Tech Support
December 25, năm ngoái at 10:34 pm

Hi William,

Are you trying to use the Bitdefender Offline Installer? If you get “First install Bitdefender Agent” error when using offline installer, Install the agent from links below.

Rar Password: 123Click on the Agent installer và proceed. Let the agent install, once it asks for Bitdefender Total Security Installation, select Cancel. Else you will be installing from website again. So cancel at that point và now disconnect your mạng internet, use the offline installer & continue with installation.

Please note that you also have a open ticket. For better tư vấn please reply lớn the tư vấn gmail you have sầu previously received.

Thank You.

December 26, năm ngoái at 2:17 am

Wow..thank you for this info – I’ll try it and hope for the best. I looked EVERYWHERE on BD’s site for how to lớn solve sầu this & there is *nothing* about it. I can’t believe sầu that they don’t bother explaining this. I doubt I’ll be risking anything beyond the trial period considering the cấp độ of incompetence.

Rohit Langde
December 26, năm ngoái at 8:12 pm

Thank you Truthmonger for appreciation.If you like Bitdefender in these 30 days, vị consider us for your purchase: forward to serve you :)

Dotkhổng lồ Luhende
December 24, 2015 at 12:06 am

on my side i real i dont understand what what is wrong with my BD mạng internet security, i just bought it three weeks ago from a third part, i installed it succesfully, but it is telling me that DEVICE LIMIT REACHED, i dont know what is wrong, because i just activated my code in only one PC

Kenneth Lewis
December 21, năm ngoái at 4:50 am

All issues appear khổng lồ be resolved. including ticket # 2015121721100003.Thank you for your help.

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