Bác sĩ trại giam

After his career is sabotaged by the wealthy, a doctor gets a job at a prison seeking vengeance on those who are too powerful to lớn be governed by the law.

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After an unfortunate incident, Na I-je goes from being a respectable doctor at Taekang Hospital khổng lồ freeing criminals from jail.


Lee Jae-hwan survives the bus crash with injuries that could reduce his prison sentence. I-je sides with a powerful ally to ensure that doesn't happen.


Seon Min-sik threatens an inmate to get dirt on I-je. But I-je is already a step ahead, with information that could destroy Min-sik and his family.


Min-sik and I-je engage in a battle of wits over a danh sách of names. Han So-geum steps a little closer to lớn finding her long-lost brother.

To save Kim Sang-chun, I-je willingly walks into one of Min-sik's traps. He then makes a khuyễn mãi giảm giá with a murderous criminal.

Jung Ui-sik finds Oh Jung-hui lớn discuss her giả hereditary disease. Meanwhile, something goes terribly wrong in the MRI room.

After learning that Min-sik was responsible for the attack on So-geum, I-je prepares lớn strike back. Min-sik gets the prosecutor on I-je's tail.

Min-sik realizes that Klặng Seok-u's case was a setup, and that he's been the target since the beginning. Ui-sik pursues the greater of two evils.

So-geum discovers that Lee Jae-jun had something to vì with her brother's disappearance. Word gets around about I-je killing patients in the past.

Desperate for a way out, Min-sik reaches out to Jae-jun, who offers him a shady giảm giá. So-geum receives a điện thoại tư vấn from her brother.

Jae-jun & Mo I-ra show up at Han Bit's hideout. Jung Min-je's death và Hong Nam-pyo's arrest point Ui-sik in the right direction.

Min-sik finds a USB drive sầu that could be his key out of jail. I-je launches a full-throttle attachồng against Jae-jun, putting everyone involved in danger.

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Jae-jun comes cthua to lớn taking another life. I-je removes the current director of Taekang's VIP. center so that Min-sik can take his place.

While I-je plans for Jae-hwan's release, Jae-jun plants one of Min-sik's men nearby to ensure that his brother doesn't make it out alive.

With the hearing postponed, I-je finds Jae-hwan a new hereditary disease khổng lồ adapt. This time, they may not even have to nhái it.

Ui-sik rsida Taekang headquarters, but Jae-jun's men slow down his operation. I-je gives Jae-jun a dose of his own medicine.

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